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In power generation plants like coal, gas, and oil, which are involved in the continuous generation of power, has heavy equipment and also undertakes complex process. Therefore, this equipment has to be taken care of as they may lead to corrosion. As this power and utilities are involved in the continuous process of generation even a small disruption can cause a great disaster. Therefore, maintenance of power plants is of top priority because a small mistake can put many lives in danger. Paint is one of the many maintenances that are to be done regularly and for this purpose only skilled plant painters are to be hired in Sydney.

A proper coating in the power industry help in keeping the machines and systems in good condition and help in providing a large amount of energy. For example, in nuclear power plants where it has a heavy amount of radiation, so improper or poor coatings can be dangerous. Safety of the workers in the power plants is necessary as heavy power is being generated so a small mistake can risk many lives. In power plant coatings, we should keep one thing in mind that is SUMI which stands for “Safe Use Mixture Information”. This includes proper use of sprays, brush, roller, and proper ventilation requirements. Also the use of Personal Protection Equipment(PPE) for the painters where they make use of factory gloves and respiratory masks. There are several types of paint available for plants like- Hemucryl Enamel HI-Build waterborne acrylic, dispersion based paint which is used for Oil and Gas power plant and thermal power plant. Plant painters of Sydney commercial painting are highly experienced in managing complex painting and remedial projects of power plants.

Generation line painting

Before painting work, the team will undergo a detailed study to repair imperfection and damaged surfaces that may be present. Restoration and the application of special coatings are beneficial to the maintenance, and preservation of generation line facility in power plants. The team is involved in structural spraying in the production line. This process involves the painting of steel enforced concrete and steel so that it doesn’t come in contact with water, oxygen, and pollutants which can result in rust.

Certified Plant painters

We are certified with safety certification and have substantial insurance and site-specific training as a prerequisite to work with these sensitive projects. Performing with both planned and unplanned outages with capable labour force and educated project management. As we are experienced and know a lot about plant painting safely and productively so reach us out without any hesitation.

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Safety Standards

Sydney Commercial Painting's employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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