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Compared to residential painting commercial painting is a tougher project. The rooms to be painted in residences painting are comparatively smaller so a painter handles the painting assignment well. However, it is not one painter ‘s task to complete the painting of commercial complexes in the case of commercial painting, as the rooms are larger.Many painters will be required within the stipulated timeline to complete the commercial painting task. Besides, the amount of paint used in commercial painting will be greater than the amount expected to paint homes. That the same is true of other painting devices. And in general the market value of commercial painting is much more than residences painting.

From the very beginning, the criteria of a commercial painting project demand a controlled, concentrated approach. Sydney commercial painting company team specialists in commercial painting is focused on delivering top notch knowledge and good services on every venture, anytime.The company understand your commercial painting needs, with several years of experience in the commercial painting field.

The company have professional trading painters who can help minimize the disruption in the office space, warehouse or market location. Our commercial painters can paint only one part of your business at a time if necessary, in a diligent, secure, healthy and professional manner, so that the rest of your company will continue to function as normal.

Sydney commercial painting company uses powerful equipment to paint quicker and more trouble-free.

  • 25 per cent quicker than conventional painting!
  • qualified painters to better and more efficient painting
  • Work area free from dust.

Paint your building with cutting-edge machines and most importantly this is done at no extra cost.

  1. Sanding machine– Confiscating paint from any object can be quite a difficult job and you do need sufficient time to achieve the intended effect.You do need a suitable tool and process for removing paint from your piece of work.Sanding machine makes your task easier, Sydney commercial painting company uses this tool that can aid you get your job done quickly and free of hustle.
  2. High pressure washer– Cleaning your home ceiling and floor is troublesome task. In this respect the high pressure washer is the right assistant for you to remove stubborn stain and fungus that has stacked to your exterior building. Our company owns this machine to ensure client get this service before painting their buildingif required.
  3. Paint sprayer– Paint sprayerwith diverse valves that can be used to create designs. The machine is designed to directly draw paint from the paint tank, thereby preventing the mess usually associated with paint sprayers.Thus our staff with this tool make your space more colourful and bright.
  4. Multipurpose mixer-The rotation of the impeller produces a mixing effect, using slotted holes to adjust the speed of the stirring or mixing liquid while pressing the mixture with each turn.

However, these devices are the outcome of the painting industry leveraging the technical strength. Whether it’s Airless Paint Sprayer that makes you spray right up to the edge without adhesive for a uniform look or multi-purpose mixer which proven design and trouble-free mixing of various paints or the convenient automatic roller, a realistic version of the traditional wall roller.

The Sydney Commercial painting company has adapted to customer needs with cost-effective, reliable and time-saving methods.

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Safety Standards

Sydney Commercial Painting's employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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